14 Best Facebook Chatbots For Your Business In 2022

Find out more about Facebook chatbots, how they work, and how to build one on your own. You can also publish it on messaging channels, such as LINE, Slack, WhatsApp, and Telegram. So, you can add it to your preferred portal to communicate with clients effectively. You can use conditions in your chatbot flows and send broadcasts to clients. You can also embed your bot on 10 different channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, Skype, etc.

You can use the content blocks, which are sections of content for an even quicker building of your bot. Chatbot platforms can help small businesses that are often short of customer support staff. Bots can handle up to 80% of simple queries around the clock. Chatfuel is a self-serve bot building platform that allows for live chat and automated chatbot integration. Free account provides access to all features, unlimited chatbots and up to 15K messages in a month. This is followed by the benefit of retaining a persistent chat history, another unique advantage of chatbots in Facebook Messenger. Although there are many Messenger apps to choose from, there’s a clear consensus on which Messenger chatbot platforms are the leaders of the pack.

A Comparison Chart Of The Top Ai Chatbots

You can also give Drift access to your calendar to directly set up meetings or demos. The company plans to add more features, including the ability to link the chatbot to your Whole Foods account, save recipes for later and sign up for coupons. The popular travel search engine Hipmunk promises to answer travel questions and provide recommendations to travelers through its Messenger chatbot. But what’s really powerful is the platform’s ability to connect prospects in an email sequence to engagement on a website. For example, a rep might send an email that a prospect doesn’t reply to right away, opting to visit the website instead for information. Once the prospect hits the website, a Drift chatbot is triggered to engage with the prospect one-to-one on the spot. The conversations will take place in Messenger, but that doesn’t mean customers who find you on other parts of the web will miss out. Facebook has created a variety of ways for people to discover your bot.


For example, leading eCommerce platform Shopify uses a simple automated message on their support handle before connecting the customer to a human rep. At Sprout, we believe it’s key to engage with customers where they are. And with best chatbots messenger the increase in messenger platforms for business, one of the most important channels is social. Most chatbot platforms have live preview functionality, so you can test all of your flows without having to push your bot live.

Best Ai Chatbot For Developers: Csml Dev

For example, if they’re logged in to Facebook Messenger, they’ll see a Facebook Messenger chat widget, otherwise, they’ll see your native web chatbot. As you’ve probably gathered, ActiveChatis a clear favorite due to its reasonable prices, good design and range of chatbot templates. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to test Drift’s AI chatbot ourselves as, for all its enterprise clients, an NLP engineer is assigned to train your bot specifically for your website. Compared to other chatbots, Drift seems like a much more complete solution but it comes at a cost. All 3 plans allow for 3 users, however, the Communicator plan (which costs $15/month) will let you add additional users for $10. If a chatbot is programmed according to a set of rules (if/then logic) and it is asked something it wasn’t programmed to answer, it will be without a response. Through the Facebook Messenger chatbot, people are able to discover new recipes based on the ingredients. Also, you can narrow down the ideas by dietary restriction or dish type, all this with the help of the chatbot.

You or anyone else should have a firm grasp of most of MobileMonkey’s features and capabilities in an hour or two. Most likely, there is already a fully-built chatbot template that can accomplish what you’re looking for. Simply select your template from MobileMonkey’s template library, customize it, and launch! Master chatbot building and marketing psychology with chatbots in MobileMonkey’s free chatbot tutorial, Chat Marketing University. Open the chatbot builder and create a dialogue sequence using the drag-and-drop interface. Facebook Chatbots are a form of automated messaging software that uses AI to converse with people. Chatbots are programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute some tasks.

Platform #5  Mobilemonkey

This is important because the interaction with your brand could lead to high-value conversions at scale, without any manual sales assistance. Now for every question you ask, and each response available for the user to choose, you must continue to build out the conversation. Some conversations may stop after one question, and some conversations may span multiple levels. To let customers know they are talking to a bot, many brands also choose to give their bot a name. This gives them the opportunity to be transparent with customers, while fostering a friendly tone. If you choose to be more creative and opt for a more marketing-focused experience, evaluate what existing content you have that best supports your goal before creating new content. Chatbots help you significantly decrease the average time to respond, bringing you closer to your customers’ expectations. After all, while some robots warm our hearts others–well, they kind of freak us out. Voice-enabled chatbots are perfect for managing your daily tasks and enable you to find information faster.

A few well-designed chatbots can effectively do the work of 5 or 10 full-time people. MobileMonkey has a feature that allows a user to switch to live chat with a human if they prefer. This way, any questions or issues that the chatbot can’t service, a human should be able to solve. Depending on the complexity and features of your chatbot, you can have a complete and robust chatbot in five minutes or less. MobileMonkey Facebook chatbots also work for users who are not signed into Facebook thanks to OmniChat native web chat support. It can take from five minutes to hundreds of hours to make a chatbot. The difference is in whether or not you use a chatbot builder, what platform you choose, and what you want the chatbot to do.

The Power Of An Innovative Messenger Chatbot

With this platform, you can engage with your clients in different social profiles. Octane.ai has predefined features that simplify adding content, messages, discussions, etc. to your chatbot. Qualify your leads during the course of conversations and trigger human agent takeover for the high-value prospects in real time. Design flows, integrate with messenger apps and tools, test and analyze your chatbots without a single line of code. It is no wonder then that thesize of the chatbot marketis growing exponentially. The best AI chatbot platforms used well can dramatically change how your brand converts new customers.

With the right script, a Facebook Messenger bot can make sales. Conversational commerce allows for personalized recommendations, lead qualification, and upselling. Chat and messaging are the most-used types of websites and apps, followed by social networks. Have you ever messaged a company on Facebook, only to wait so long for a response that by the time they get back to you, you forgot you contacted them in the first place? For brands trying to stand out in a crowded online marketplace, this is not a good look. Evernote can then follow up with users with the users directly on social.

Integrating ChatBot within our own businesses is a big priority for us currently. ChatBot is a great tool for us because it lets us seamlessly forward users to our live support teams where needed. Easily go in a live chat mode with anyone who is sending you messages. That extra touch of humans + bots will give you an unfair advantage. It has effective customer support, including a live chat option. You can never be stuck using this Chatbot because their customer support is on standby to respond to your queries. This is a leading conversational Chatbot that you can use to change how you interact with your customers on the Facebook platform. LivePerson is artificial intelligence-powered and makes it easy to connect and respond to customers where they are already are. The Chatbot comes with all the tools that you need to enhance how you grow your business using the Facebook platform.

  • Reviano is your number one destination when searching for business software.
  • Here is a chatbotin the Facebook Messenger platform that can answer questions about buying a home, renting a home, or selling a home.
  • Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing solution with more than 50 tools in SEO, social media, and content marketing.

Intercom is a flexible tool that can be used as a chatbot or for live chat with an agent. You can use it to automate your marketing and to engage users. MobileMonkey has desktop and mobile apps that give you a single inbox to easily monitor and respond to messages from Sentiment Analysis And NLP different channels. With more than 1.3 Billion people using Facebook Messenger, it allows you to have a wider reach and more powerful retargeting options on the Facebook platform. All you need to do is to submit the text of the user and the response of the bot.

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