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Bergman testified that the Homestead office had at most 30 or 40 patients in a week at its busiest. At both clinics together, ATC had at most around 100 patients. Bergman said there were only one or two weeks during the five years he worked at ATC when he did not see patients.

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On the other hand, some ATC patients did participate in the illegal scheme. Generally, patient recruiters in a Medicare fraud scheme, like Santaya, play more than a minor role because their conduct is central to the scheme and to the scheme’s ability to bill Medicare. In this case, Santaya supplied the Medicare beneficiary patients who were crucial to ATC’s scheme.

  • In order to satisfy the first prong of the withdrawal test, the defendant must show “repudiation” by some affirmative step.
  • According to court documents, Duran, Valera and others cashed checks at different bank branches and different locations to conceal the true purpose of their activities and to evade reporting requirements.
  • In his role, Bergman created, or dictated, initial psychiatric evaluations, weekly physician’s notes, and discharge summaries, even though he was not a doctor.
  • The Majority points out that the defendant in Arias deserved a jury instruction about withdrawal and therefore had his conviction vacated.
  • I had deposited funds in a new account and had started to talk with the account manager Alan Levine.
  • Bergman would either do his dictations in the space available at ATC’s Homestead office or do them at home using his notes from the day.

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First, the evidence showed that, in exchange for kickbacks, Santaya recruited patients for ATC regardless of their medical needs for PHP services. Second, at ATC’s instruction, Santaya targeted only patients who were Medicare beneficiaries. Third, also at ATC’s instruction, Santaya coached his Medicare recruits to lie that they suffered from symptoms, such as depression and not eating, and to remain silent about their bribes while at ATC. Fourth, ATC fraudulently billed Medicare for Santaya’s recruits.

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For example, the jury heard that Valera dated Duran and that Duran had an affair with Acevedo and Jimenez. Bergman’s counsel questioned Valera repeatedly about how she could now trust Jimenez and Acevedo since she knew that they cheated with her boyfriend. The jury also heard that Acevedo and Jimenez knew each other through mutual friends before Jimenez came to work at ATC and that Acevedo, Jimenez, and Duran had a separate lunch meeting prior to hiring Jimenez.

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  • Applying our circuit’s precedent, it seems clear as a matter of law that Mr. Bergman took an affirmative step, inconsistent with the conspiracy, to defeat it—he resigned.
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  • As a result, Medicare relies on providers to submit only legitimate and properly documented claims.

Santaya knew of ATC’s policy of recycling patients and would contact Acevedo and Jimenez to check if any of his patients were due to return so he could bring them back to ATC. To carry out this scheme, Jimenez would falsely tell the ATC office coordinator that a patient she had brought to ATC was brought by one of the three patient recruiters with whom she had arrangements. The office coordinator would then put that patient recruiter’s name into the MPL. Thus, the MPL contained inaccurate information about the actual source of the patient. Acevedo and Jimenez used the MPL, along with the Medicare billing, to calculate the amount owed to each recruiter based on that recruiter’s patients, the number of days the patients attended, and the negotiated rate with the recruiter. Acevedo brought Sandra Jimenez into the company to handle the patient recruiting duties for the Homestead office, including marketing and paying recruiters.

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Defendant Santaya was one of ATC’s paid patient brokers from February 2006 to October 2010. Acevedo testified that she paid cash kickbacks to Santaya and identified him sitting in the courtroom. Jimenez also identified Santaya and testified that she paid him money to bring patients to ATC. ATC employees, including doctors and physician’s assistants, falsified doctor’s notes, initial psychiatric evaluations, discharges, intakes from therapists, treatment plans, and daily progress notes. ATC employees falsified, for example, patient history, onset of qualified mental illness, the seriousness of a condition, the fact the patient was recently under the treatment of a psychiatrist, prescribed medication, and patient quotes.

  • Duran and Valera supported the kickbacks through an extensive money laundering scheme that aimed to conceal the illicit conversion of Medicare payments to cash.
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All trades are straight through processed for instant execution to our liquidity providers which consists of top-tier banks and non-bank institutions. District Judge James Lawrence King in the Southern District of Florida. Judge King ordered Duran to pay more than $87 million in restitution, jointly and severally with his co-defendants. Duran was also sentenced to three years of supervised release following his prison term. The sentencing hearing for Marianella Valera, the other owner of ATC, is scheduled for Sept. 19, 2011. From my experience today it’s more difficult to catch out brokers now, as their corruption isn’t as obvious.

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